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Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy is a 2001 open world platform video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the Sony PlayStation 2 on December 3, 2001, as the first game of the Jak and Daxter series. The game follows protagonist Jak as he tries to help his friend Daxter after Daxter is transformed into an ottsel, a fictional hybrid of an otter and a w...


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Joshua CE says

"Closed for prosperity"

Lourson Beat says

"That store on APB is expensive asf ! don't buy on this"

Foxtrot says

"I put about 150 hours put into Fallen Earth before I got fed up with MoneyFirst's microtransaction based system. Sure, you can grind to the top, but overall, all they want is your money. This company deserves more attention for how bad it is. I'm going to dare say it's worse than activision and EA."

Road Kyll says

"if I could give em a negative stars I would there are all about the money. They changed passwords for all fallen earth people I got no email for it and now I cant log in, wont let me change my email address cause it wont send me an email link to do so. AND I send a few emails which they DONT EVEN BOTH TO ANSWER. I paid for this game for years but I dont play it anymore on a regular basis and stopped so IM guessing since I dont pay any more they just dont care they only want the money. Dont both there games arent that great they dont update them EVER there just milking you for your money. STOP before you get started just better that way"

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